15 to 30 min  or divided in sections

The Golden Hour

Glamour in the années folles! Nita Bon Air and Anna Venture dive into the roaring twenties bringing the elegance and sass of this notorious decade, when novelty broke with tradition and unleashed the mysteries of Mata Hari. Embodying flapper girls and feather dancers, this show invites audiences to swim in glitter, gold, feathers and prestige.

15 to 30 min  or divided in sections

The Blue Hour

Mysterious, erotic and extravagant! This show combines the Art of Burlesque and Striptease, with Cabaret routines and a spark of humor. These showgirls perform classics such as chair dances and routines with fire props, as well as Neo Burlesque acts with LED costumes.

From 40 min

Rockabilly Pin-Ups

Bang, bang, bang! The Rock&Roll vibes flame up provocative dances, sassy and fun. American culture icons become a theatrical Neo Burlesque show.

Discover the secrets of the innocent housewife. get your cocktails from the diner roller-skater girl and take a ride with the crazy cowgirl.

This show is prepared with live music! Monsieur Clement has his guitar always in tune for the bumps and grinds.

From 5 to 7 min per act

Varieté Cocktail

Make your own composition! Whether you are looking for a single burlesque act or a combination of several styles, here you can select from our varied offer of characters and stories, both in classic burlesque and neo burlesque.


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