What is Burlesque?

Sensual! Sweet! Provocative! Graceful movements and elegantly dressed divas.

Burlesque has its roots around 1880 and enjoyed great popularity from the 1930s in Europe and North America.  In these performances, the audience admired scantily clad women, dance or acrobatic talents. They also included wicked dialogues with humor and parodies of upscale theater.  

Since the 1990s, it has been experiencing a revival known as Neo Burlesque. Often the shows contain elements of a striptease in sometimes funny, sometimes sensual, and sometimes political execution. The history of Burlesque is a broad subject that has evolved over the decades. During the workshops we will learn more about its roots and evolution!

Who can participate?

Anyone! All genders are welcome. Whatever inspires and motivates you to join is a good reason. As a matter of fact “Boylesque” is a growing genre nowadays!

Is there an age limit?

Anyone over 18 is welcome. There is no upper limit.

Do I need previous dance or acting experience?

No. The workshops and Hen Parties are suitable for all levels.

How do I sign in?

Get in contact with us by email: info@burlesquecologne.de