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Hen Party

Do you want a special kind of bachelorette party? Are you glitter queens or do you love the retro style?
Showgirl feeling, feather boas, satin gloves and glitter. You and your friends can experience your individual Burlesque HenParty! We are going to play around to bring out your personal seduction skills though theater games, dance and fun! Spend a special day together and learn the basics of a Burlesque performer. If you have a special theme or favorite prop like Chair Dance or Boa, share your ideas with us and we will prepare it.

What will you gain from the day:
  • A positive body feeling

  • A short sexy choreography

  • The possibility to discover new sides of you

  • A good time with your friends

  • In the 10 minute break we will make a photo shoot with the costumes and feather boas we provide. We also serve you a glass of prosecco


We invite you to have fun with eccentric costumes, feathers, glittery, elegant and wild accessories. Express yourself and share your unique self: dancing, acting, playing, breaking taboos and feeling free on the journey of learning.
Burlesque opens the possibility to express imaginative stories through dance and movement. The different aspects of this art give a lot of room for creativity. Our classes will guide you through the many facets of Burlesque and give you the opportunity to discover your personal style.

Eat in San Miguel de Allende

Individual Classes

For those who prefer a more intimate atmosphere and care for a personal treat. It is also suited for professional dancers or performers with other stage experience who want to initiate in Burlesque or deepen their technique with a new perspective.

Nita Bon Air: “For me, Burlesque is a beautiful and artistic expression of self-confidence.
It is the celebration of your body and an invitation to play with stereotypes and leave behind preconceptions about body shapes and social demands.”

Anna Venture: “It is important that you feel comfortable, move and have fun while dancing. During the workshops, indulge yourselves. You are here to try new things and don’t have to be able to do everything right away. Be ready to discover new sides of yourself that you have never seen before!”


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